The History of The Beatles

The digital textbook for The History of the Beatles begins in America with the Blues, Rockabilly and the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The lives and music of The Beatles and their monumental role in the revolutionary decade of the 1960s is be discussed in detail. The textbook also includes a complete list of their albums and songs.



This course will offer a historical and critical analysis of their monumental contribution, not only in music but in Western culture as well. The class discussions will begin in America with the Blues, Rockabilly and the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 1950s. The paramount role of The Beatles in the revolutionary decade of the 1960s will be explored in detail. In addition, an introduction to the fundamentals of music, songwriting and sound recording techniques will be offered.

After reading the lessons and listening to the musical examples of the first two lectures/chapters, the students will be able to identify, as well as aurally recognize, the American music that preceded and influenced The Beatles. The students will be able to give at least three descriptions of the stylistic characteristics (vocal style, lyric style, instrumentation, the 12-bar blues and other harmonic structures, rhythmic elements) of these pre-Beatles musical genres and list at least three representative musicians and three representative songs from each of these periods.

Upon listening to and reading the assigned materials for each Beatles’ album, the students will be able trace the historical origins, development, and impact of the album by illustrating at least two facts from each of the following areas, as they relate to the album in question: song titles, authors, lyrical / musical style and innovations, song structure, stories behind each song, instrumentation, recording studio and recording techniques, producer, sales and chart listings, influences to and from The Beatles.

After completing the course the students will be able to point out in what capacity The Beatles and their music played a catalytic role in the areas of Civil Rights, Women’s Rights and Feminism, Sexual Liberation, Drugs, Fashion, Counter Culture, War and Peace, among others. From a musical viewpoint the students will be able to summarize the commercial and artistic contribution of The Beatles to popular music.

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